Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back to School Blues

I post this on the eve of my first day back to school. Tomorrow at 4 p.m. I will be sitting in room 101 of the art building starting the art history class I frantically registered for as recently as Monday. I was filling out the second part of Berkeley's transfer application when one of the questions made me realize I had 56 transferable units - four less than the required 60 transferable units.
This prompted some language I cannot repeat here...and some frantic class searching. My ideal situation would be a 5-unit language class, but the only language class available was Chinese ( at a military base in Vallejo (
Scratch that.
I spent three hours searching for classes I wanted to take (French 4...cultural anthropology...), classes I wouldn't mind taking (piano...United States government...), and classes I only looked at because I was desperate (History of Women in the United States....Philosophy from Plato to Rand...). Everything was full or waitlisted. Everything. Bummer.
This was supposed to be an easy last semester: my two required classes (Chemistry and Math), and one fun one (Russian 3) two days a week. I have now added two more classes and two more days a week to that lineup (Art History and...ah crap, what's the other one?....Physical Geography....). The bad part is that five classes makes everything harder. The good part is that it puts me at 61 transferable units which means I won't get a surprising letter from Berkeley rejecting me for not following the transfer directions:) Now I just hope that Berkeley looks at these two totally random classes as an indication of my love of learning since they have absolutely nothing to do with either of my majors. Bleh.

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Jen said...

Those two classes will probably turn out to be your favorite...inspire you to change your complete life path...and end up being an art teacher in pinpoint town, USA. J/K

I registered on the coolest site called where you have friends like facebook but you post about everything you've read...check it's fun!
Hang in there girl.